Internship Opportunities


The Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights is an organization devoted to bringing knowledge about gender to bear on the quest to end armed conflicts and build sustainable peace. Founded in 2002, its work is a result of collaboration between scholars and researchers from academic institutions in the Boston area, as well as NGOs and international institutions such as the United Nations. The Boston Consortium works to build knowledge about gender, armed conflict and security through hosting lectures, discussions, workshops and conferences. Currently, we are developing a web-based “Interactive International Gender and Armed Conflict Research Agenda,” with the aim of fostering international collaboration, and encouraging researchers to address unanswered questions in the field of gender, armed conflict, peace-building and security. Our emphasis on building a learning community reflects our belief that the development of knowledge in this nascent field requires more than gathering new data; it requires the need to formulate questions in new ways and to use different methodologies to find their answers. This will be best accomplished through interaction between scholars, policy-makers and practitioners who can provide different perspectives, analytical frameworks, and experiences.

The Consortium requires the assistance of several interns to coordinate research on gender and security issues, and to implement the organization’s goals within the local academic community. There are many projects available, including transcribing meetings, drafting reports, research projects, organizing information, website design and development, and events planning. Candidates should possess strong research ability and organizational skills, the ability to multi-task, basic PC skills and an interest in learning about gender and security in the UN and in conflict zones worldwide. Website design skills also a plus. Please be able to commit at least four months to this position (ideally), or to work full-time during the summer. Hours are flexible, and some work can be completed on a home computer. Spring, summer and fall internship positions will be filled on a rolling basis.

To apply, please e-mail the completed Information Form, a resume, and cover letter, as well as details on your time commitment and availability to the director, Dr. Carol Cohn at Positions open until filled.